3 Important Things About Mobile Fans

We are fanatic about our fans here at ISC. After an exhaustive vendor selection process, we’ve decided the superior TPI fans will be able to meet all of your air movement needs. But there are 3 things to think about when choosing which mobile fan to use.

1) Mount: Some fans are meant to blow in one direction while others can swivel to change direction easily. A standard mount fan is cheaper, but you might be unsatisfied with the direction of air.

2) CFM: Different fans will create more or less air movement based on how powerful they are. CFM stands for cubic feet per minute, which in laymen’s terms means the higher the CFM the more air is circulated.

3) Belt Driven vs. Direct Drive: both belt driven and direct driven fans have their good and bad points

  • Belt Driven: The motor exists independently of the fan blades and a belt connects the motor to the fan’s moving parts. Belt driven fans offer greater flexibility in terms of RPM speed, but tend to require more maintenance
  • Direct Driven: The fan motor that controls the movement of the fan blades is connected either to a shaft or fan axle. This configuration is more energy efficient, and more reliable, but tends to be more expensive.

If you have more questions about our mobile fans feel free to contact us, we are really popular because of all the fans we have!

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