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Industrial Vibrators

A powerful industrial vibrator can generate shaking to help speed up industrial, agricultural and construction jobs. These products are a cost-effective means to maintain the free flow of product from bins, hoppers and chutes, with a positive result on the bottom line. Industrial vibrators differentiate themselves based on how they are powered.

  • Air Powered: Built for continuous use on a variety of hoppers, bins and chutes, and can operate in any position. The downside is these units tend to make more noise.
  • Electric Powered: Totally enclosed, and extremely efficient these units can be used inside or outside, in dust, dirt, rain or snow for speeding the flow of bulk materials.

Choosing the right vibrator can be difficult, because of all of the factors that affect how the material is being handled. Some of the factors that should be considered are:

  • Weight of the material that needs to be shaken
  • Thickness of the container where the material is held
  • Moisture content

Simply put if you’re not sure how to choose the perfect vibrator visit our vibrator webpage, or give us a call at 866-453-2700.

The Right Pneumatic Tools

ISC Online carries three different brands of air tools to fit your every need! Ranging from high-end industrial standard to low price and disposable, ISC can fill your pneumatic tool needs.

Ingersoll Rand has the market and industrial standard for over 100 years. Whether you need industrial tools, assembly tools, cordless tools, or vehicle service tools, if you want the most dependable and exceptional items Ingersoll Rand is your brand for air tools.

Jet carries a variety of higher and lower end air tools, and can fill all of your fabrication and installation needs. The Jet line of powerful air tools can assist you in assembly, repair and maintenance projects, and can help you achieve that perfect finish with each and every project.

For something less costly and more disposable, look to Powermate. At a very low price, Powermate pneumatic tools can be used to exhaustion, and thrown away once the job is complete or the item no longer functions. If you are looking for inexpensive but reliable items, Powermate is a dependable option.

Whether you are looking for the industrial standard, higher end products or for something low cost and disposable, ISC Online’s Pneumatic Tools can help you in your search to find the perfect item to fit your air tool needs!

Portable Work Lighting

ISC Online currently offers four types of light sources: incandescent, quartz halogen, fluorescent, and LED. These work lights vary in wattage and target use, and can satisfy different needs.

Incandescent lights are the standard inexpensive light bulb. At 300 watts, these floodlights are a perfect work light for common use. Quartz Halogen lights are high light output work lights made from weatherproof aluminum heads. For compact, low energy, long-lasting work lights, fluorescent bulbs remain cool to the touch and are 55 watts. LED, the longest lasting light, is the lowest energy usage bulb and lasts an average of 50,000 hours.

In addition to work lights, ISC Online offers 6 types of bases and mounts: pedestal, cart, tripod, floor, clamp-on mounts, and magnet mounts. The pedestal base is a 16 gauge round steel tube ranging in height from 5’6”-8’6”, with an 18 inch heavy-duty steel base. The cart base is a 16 gauge round steel tube ranging in height from 5’-8’ with 10” diameter wheels. The tripod base is a 20 gauge round steel tube, with adjustable height from 3’6”-6”, with the base covering an area of 46” in diameter. The floor base is a 12 gauge steel base, with the base covering 16” in diameter, with a handle included. The clamp-on mount secures the work light to most surfaces up to 3”, and the magnet mount has magnetic strength of 210 pounds, with a ¼” steel arm and extends 6” from the mounting surface area.

Whatever your work light needs, ISC Online can help you find a flexible lighting solution for your warehouse, job site or manufacturing facility!