Monthly Archives: January 2014

Welcome to the ISC Online Blog

Here we will be posting about topics related to various products we carry, solutions we have provided for customers, articles that impact various manufacturing industries and the occasional piece of internet humor.

In late 2011, ISC Sales leadership recognized that some lower priced items like pneumatic components, static shielding bags & small electrical enclosures are products that customers want to purchase quickly without getting a custom quote and sending in a purchase order.  We also wanted a way to expand our product offering beyond ISC’s existing divisions.  These motivations grew into the idea of having an e-commerce store and thus ISC Online was born.

We launched the site in July 2012 with an assortment of lower priced items from ISC Sales.  These products consisted of some pneumatic couplings, Attabox electrical enclosures, 3M static control products and transformers.  Since then we have added a wide range of products like pneumatic tools, portable generators, electric motors, HVAC equipment & safety products.

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