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Portable Work Lighting

ISC Online currently offers four types of light sources: incandescent, quartz halogen, fluorescent, and LED. These work lights vary in wattage and target use, and can satisfy different needs.

Incandescent lights are the standard inexpensive light bulb. At 300 watts, these floodlights are a perfect work light for common use. Quartz Halogen lights are high light output work lights made from weatherproof aluminum heads. For compact, low energy, long-lasting work lights, fluorescent bulbs remain cool to the touch and are 55 watts. LED, the longest lasting light, is the lowest energy usage bulb and lasts an average of 50,000 hours.

In addition to work lights, ISC Online offers 6 types of bases and mounts: pedestal, cart, tripod, floor, clamp-on mounts, and magnet mounts. The pedestal base is a 16 gauge round steel tube ranging in height from 5’6”-8’6”, with an 18 inch heavy-duty steel base. The cart base is a 16 gauge round steel tube ranging in height from 5’-8’ with 10” diameter wheels. The tripod base is a 20 gauge round steel tube, with adjustable height from 3’6”-6”, with the base covering an area of 46” in diameter. The floor base is a 12 gauge steel base, with the base covering 16” in diameter, with a handle included. The clamp-on mount secures the work light to most surfaces up to 3”, and the magnet mount has magnetic strength of 210 pounds, with a ¼” steel arm and extends 6” from the mounting surface area.

Whatever your work light needs, ISC Online can help you find a flexible lighting solution for your warehouse, job site or manufacturing facility!